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To anticipate, identify and provide needs that satisfy our clients in a manner that endears to a wider target market, whiles working towards mutual results through relationships-building.

Rissemma Company is a limited liability company registered and incorporated under the company’s
code of Ghana in 2009 which specializes in product/corporate branding, production and procurement of various goods, tailored to specifications.

Currently situated in Dansoman, with a workforce made of dedicated and passionate individuals well-
vexed in innovative design and trendy concepts. It is an entity which keeps identifying gaps in the creative market and delivers quality in various brandworks, concepts and deliverables through its strategic positioning.

The most products/services we provide over the years have been tailored for schools, religious bodies
and companies who require our expertise in reliable and timely services for their teeming customer
base. Thus, we produce either locally or internationally, depending on the nature of need, time and/or
quantum for all types of clients across board.


Our keen and intuitive team takes advantage of industry research to deliver tomorrow’s exciting merchandise to our clients today.

Provide Solution

We deliver high-value, innovative customer solutions by engaging the client along the lines of their priority in an expeditious and cost effective manner.

Identify Needs

We create products that truly speaks to our customer’s problems. We engage the client every step of the process, from conception to execution.

Satisfy Need

With the information and data from what our client needs, we integrate it into our existing processes to provide satisfying solutions for the client.

We are the most reliable entity in innovations, brand creation and deliverables that come with a positive difference. This we achieve through constant research and quality circle engagements with clientele.


Joe Dzitse


Anthony Ashitei Zigah

Officer in charge of operations

Seth Apponsah-Hanson

Creative Director


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